Yes I have college debt, but the investment I made in myself, and the decision to believe in myself like John did, was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I am forever grateful for his time and everything he has helped me with, whether it was tangible or intangible.” ~Kody Kilburg, St. Ambrose University, May 2017

“Roughly four years ago, I was faced with a decision of whether or not to go to college. No one in my family before me has ever gone, and if I did go I was not going to receive any financial help from my family in order to afford going. Going to college is an investment, an expensive one, but it is one of the greatest investments you can ever make in your life. I met Mr. John Cooper almost four years ago, after I narrowed down my choices of where I wanted to attend college. I really wanted to go St. Ambrose University, but for someone like myself who has to fund their own college tuition and expenses, I was not very optimistic about my chances. After meeting with John, my college decision, became a whole lot easier. He offered me more than just advice and unknown grants/scholarships I qualified for. He offered me mentorship, and more importantly, friendship. Knowing that John believed in me, even when I had some very serious doubts about my abilities, instilled a much needed dose of confidence and ease of mind in me. Nearly four years later, I am graduating with two bachelor’s degrees from St. Ambrose University.

“  As a recent college graduate, I was searching for a career path. I met John Cooper at school and had developed a mentorship with him. His fellowship and genuine concern for me personally, stood out among others that were assisting me. 

After further research, continued conversations and guidance from John Cooper, I was able to finally select a Masters program studying what I love, Theology! 

It was John Cooper who listened to my desires of continuing education in Theology, found a program that matched those desires and guided me through the process! I am thrilled to able to study what I love and even more thankful for John Cooper and his guidance along the way!

-Grace F


From the Graduating Class of Chatfield College in 1999

“In the joy of friendship
We will remember you,
In the fleeting moments of laughter
We will remember your smile.
In our dreams, hopes, and desires
We will remember your inspiration,
In the darkness, softened by light
We will remember your guidance,
In the echoes of our minds
We will remember your encouragement,
In the memories of Chatfield
We will always remember you.

“I have worked in college admissions with John Cooper for 10 years serving both undergraduate and graduate students. John is a proven leader, mentor, teacher, and superb administrator who truly values education. His experience enables him to excel in offering sound and practical advice in student recruitment, marketing, financial aid, and career counseling. Most importantly, John cares for each student, makes each one feel respected, valued, and understood. This is his passion, to motivate and support students to fulfill their academic dreams by walking with the student on his or her academic journey.”

~Jo Ann Plunkett, Colleague, Chatfield College and Xavier University.

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