Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

If your son or daughter is in high school and planning for college, congratulations on getting them to this important “crossroads” in life. If your student has already finished high school and is at a two-year college, good for you in keeping him or her on the path to continuing education.
Whatever your student’s point in the college journey, Cooper College Bound is here to help you.

Our mission is to assist your student in finding the right career path at the right college for the right price. Some of you are second or third generation college graduates. For others, your student will be the first in your family to graduate from college. Knowing too much or too little about the college experience can be a challenge. From your students point of view, you might know too much and are asking more questions than they would like. For others of you, it could be like the blind leading the blind through an intimidating process. Adding an objective, third party, college coach can be what is needed to make the best decision possible.

As you read through the services provided by Cooper College Bound, you will see that educational consulting can cover every step of the process. You and your student decide how much or how little support you need. You want your student to settle on a career path sooner rather than later. Exploring colleges and universities can involve a lot of time and money. You want your student to be prepared to make the most of those campus visits. You want him or her to find the best “fit” college that they can get admitted into.  Your college coach will help you with all of these considerations and much more.

For many students and parents, affordability is a chief concern. It should be, as average debt graduation for a bachelor’s degree is $30,000 and climbing. The media is full of stories about students borrowing so much that they can’t afford to live on their own after college. There are also stories about parents borrowing so much for their students that they have had to postpone retirement. This doesn’t have to be the case. Your coach is committed to helping you and your student find an affordable college solution.

Take the next step beyond visiting this website. Schedule a time to meet with an educational consultant to go over the services provided. Cooper College Bound looks forward to serving you and your student!


John Cooper
Independent Educational Consultant  

Headquartered in the Quad Cities while Serving Students Worldwide.
Phone: 937-618-0487
Email: John@CooperCrossroads.com
Office: 2550 Middle Road, Suite 300. Bettendorf, Iowa 52722