Graduate Students

Game Plan for Graduate Students

Furthering Your Career through a Graduate Degree

Your coach will help you to review your previous college and/or work experience.  He will assist you to look at where your career path is leading you and whether or not you want to move further in that direction.  The right graduate degree can help you advance in your current career path or can open the doors to career change.  Your coach will work with you to review graduate degree programs in the higher education marketplace that can help you to gain either initial entry into or deeper penetration into career fields.

Exploring Graduate and Professional School Options

You and your coach will investigate graduate and professional programs and discuss any interests or concerns.  You and your coach will create questions to ask of schools.  Remember you are interviewing them.  Even at the graduate school level, in most cases, this is a buyer’s market!  Your coach will help you to make the most of campus visits.  He will prepare you for the who, what, when, where, and how of selecting a graduate program.  This is a reconnaissance mission and your coach will prepare you for it. 

Getting Admitted to Graduate School

Your coach will help you to decide which graduate or professional school entrance test are required.  You and your coach will determine when and how many times to take it.  You will discuss ways to prepare.  He will help you review the selection criteria of the schools are you considering.  Your coach will assist you in objectively assessing your qualifications and credentials against acceptance criteria.  He will work with to narrow down your options by having you classify schools into one of three categories.  Your coach will assist you in creating compelling essays.  You and your coach will practice for graduate school interviews.

Paying for Your Advanced Degree

If you are considering full-time graduate school, your coach will work with you to research and complete applications for graduate assistantships and fellowships.  Student loans are often the primary avenue for funding your graduate education.  Your coach will work with you in considering how additional graduate school borrowing factors into your overall debt picture.   You and your coach will also search for fast-track, accelerated options to reduce cost.

Decision Time

After you have a plan in place to finance your education at one, two, three, or more graduate or professional schools, your coach will assist you in reaching a final decision.  The two of you will discuss pros and cons of each school and create a score card.  Your coach will help you plan final visits to the schools still on your list.  He will help you to identify tough follow up questions to ask in order to best assess strengths and weaknesses.


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