Why Now?

Since the great recession of 2008, Americans have changed their outlook on college education. 
People have become more concerned about what type of college to attend (two-year or four-year, technical or liberal arts based, traditional or online delivery formats), how much debt to incur, and the total return on career investment. Unfortunately, some are even questioning the value of post-secondary education.  Cooper College Bound seeks to help students find the right career path at the right college for the right price.

Top Reasons to Utilize An Independent Educational Consultant as a Transfer or Adult Student

What’s at stake for transfer or adult degree completion students can be much greater than that of high school students leaving home and starting college for the first time.

“  Often times, students who have been out of high school for some time have work and family responsibilities that challenge them. 
Twenty-six million people in the United States have started college and not finished. 
Your coach will make sure that you aren’t one of them.

Students who start a degree and don’t finish are more likely to default on their student loans.


“  Your coach will get to know your entire situation – academically and financially and working together, we will find a path forward to complete what you started.

Just because you have been out of high school for some time doesn’t mean you have fully figured out your career path.

“  You’ve taken courses and have transferable credit hours, but you still don’t know exactly what major and career to apply them to. Your coach will assist you down the road to clarity and success in your journey.

Colleges have marketing messages aimed at transfer and adult degree completion students.

“  Some of these messages make it sound too good to be true. Your coach will help you sift through the transfer deal that’s being offered to you. He will help you to understand what’s being accepted toward your bachelor’s degree and what you will have left to finish.

We will work together to keep student loan amounts below the national average.

“Seven in (ten)seniors (68%) who graduated from (four)-year public and private nonprofit colleges in 2015 had student loan debt, with an average of $30,100 per borrower.”
Just because you have one or two years of transferable credit doesn’t mean that you won’t incur a lot more debt in finishing the bachelors. Your coach will help you manage your debt.

We can discover ways to make your college education more affordable.

Your coach will assist you in searching for scholarships and other assistance that might be available to lower your costs.

We realize that being admitted as a transfer or adult degree completion student is different from the more traditional route right out of high school.

“ Acceptance into specialized licensure programs in health and education can be tricky and often not a sure thing. Your coach will help you review your academic credentials and present them for the best possible chance of acceptance.

The United States has 4,110 colleges to choose from.

Your coach doesn’t work for any of them, he works only for you!

25 years at 5 different colleges.

(5 of those years at a community college helping students transfer into bachelor’s degree programs).

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