John Coopers’ Bio

For over twenty-five years at five different colleges and universities, John Cooper has helped students achieve their dream of a college education.  He has assisted students in furthering their careers by coaching them to earn Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.  For a few individuals, he has actually supported them in achieving all four degrees.  No matter what educational level you are seeking to attain, John Cooper has a proven track record of empowering students like you to succeed.

John began his career in higher education at his alma mater the, University of Dayton, in 1988.  While a student there, he worked his way through college by farming, flagging for the state highway department, cleaning student apartments, washing dishes, and working as a co-op student at Wright Patterson Air Force base (contract law division).  Through all these jobs, John was able to pay his way to a bachelor’s degree.

Upon graduation, John worked as a graduate assistant and then director of Stuart Hall at the University of Dayton.  750 freshmen men in one, three towered building was interesting.  This position helped John earn his master’s degree (tuition-free).  Most importantly, John found great satisfaction in helping students through the college journey and a career was born for him in higher education. 

John felt as though he needed to broaden his higher education experience after having been at the University of Dayton for eight years as both a student and employee.  The next stop for John was Chatfield College.  Chatfield had a unique designation as a 3-year college.  This meant that students could complete an associate’s degree plus an extra year of study toward the bachelor’s degree.  Transferring upwards of 90 credits hours meant that students had to really connect into bachelor’s programs while at Chatfield.  John successfully facilitated these transfer relationships for students who were heading to many different colleges within the region.

One of the popular choices for students to transfer was Xavier University.  John forged a strong working relationship with Xavier and eventually went on to work there in graduate school admissions.  John assumed that he would be working with adults with a bachelor’s degree who knew exactly what kind of graduate program they wanted.  He was surprised to find that many students wanted to use their graduate degree to make a career change. 

After experiencing success at the University of Dayton, Chatfield College, and Xavier University, John began serving as a consultant in the area of enrollment management.  The demand for his consulting serves grew to the point where he began working as a full-time consultant in 2006. 

The constant travel required in consulting was a challenge for John and his family.  This led him to an interim, two-year position as chief enrollment officer at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  It is one of the oldest art programs in the country and many famous artists had graduated from there.  Though not an artist himself, John enjoyed his time in the art school.  Creativity had no boundaries.  John sent personalized acceptance letters on 18 by 24-inch screen printed posters.  They were a big hit.

Most recently, John has served as Vice President for Enrollment Management at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.  John left this position in January 2017 to begin this new venture in helping students get into, pay for, and succeed in college and their careers.

Through these last twenty-five years, John has always considered himself a student advocate.  Every student matters.  Every student has his or her own unique story.  The consistent theme throughout John’s years in education has been his deep desire to serve students on their way to a more fulfilling life.  He looks forward to serving you in this way!

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